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Private, Invitation-Only Seller Focused Programs for Supecharged ROI

The number one complaint from events industry suppliers in a recent study was a lack of quality buyers at trade events, not that any of us really needed a study to tell us this.  In fact, I can guarantee we don’t need a study to know this because we live it.

The forces behind The Knowledge Exchange have spent decades sitting at your desk as senior executives in every aspect of the industry including hotels, venues, entertainment, destination management, audio visual, technology transportation and more.  It’s the whole reason we created it!

All Knowledge Exchange events and experiences are planned from your perspective. All of the planners who attend are invited and vetted by us, to ensure that they are the people we would want to meet with if we were investing in a trade event. 

Couple that with the fact that we are continually look for and investing in new ways for you to connect to these planners, and you have an ROI Home Run for any organization.  

Why Should You Be Promoting Your Brand With Programs by Knowledge Exchange?

Tons of brands each year see the benefit and ROI of becoming a Knowledge Exchange Supplier Partner. The proof is in the numbers, with a retention rate of 80%, with the average company participating in at least 3 to 5 events per year.  Below are a few more reasons you’ll want join us for 2021 and beyond:

1. Generate ROI, Not Headaches

In 2019, over 1,000 RFP’s and inquiries were generated by our events for participating suppliers.  

2. Our Unbeatable Attendees

Knowledge Exchange has a reach of over 20,000 hand-curated and vetted direct-contact planners. 

3. Partnership Done Different

We love to get creative, and that includes with partnerships!  We look at every different angle to help your brand, from speaking opportunities to custom events,  tailored email campaigns, content sharing and delivery, and so much more just for you!

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